Meet Brittany and Miles!

Brittany and Miles were one of the first couples to choose Waverly Estate as their wedding venue and the first couple to choose our historic church as their plan A for their ceremony. If you haven’t already seen our historic church, it is a stunning building that was built in 1838! It has the largest windows we’ve ever seen all the way around the building. We are so glad that Brittany and Miles were able to see the beauty of the church before it was even renovated. We can’t wait to see Miles’ face when he sees his bride enter through the church doors to meet him on the original pulpit and say “I do” in just seven months!

So… a little bit about Brittany and Miles.

Miles is from New Jersey and recently moved to Virginia for recruit school for the fire department. Through a few mutual followers, Miles saw a picture on Brittany’s Instagram profile and he commented on it. Who knew that one comment would be the start of this great love?! Brittany and Miles began to talk and get to know one another. Not too long after, Brittany and Miles both knew that they had found the one that they were going to spend the rest of their lives with. Miles says that he knew Brittany was the girl he was going to marry when she decorated his apartment door for his birthday. She made him feel at home, she made Virginia feel like home, and not just a place for work. Brittany said that she knew Miles was the one on their first date out to dinner because he was just so sweet and genuine to her.

So, a little bit about the engagement. This is my favorite part…

I knew that Brittany was getting engaged before she even knew! Your first thought is probably that Brittany and Miles were our close friends or family…nope, we had never met them before. But wait, what, how did we know before her then!? About two weeks before the engagement, Miles asked Brittany’s parents to go to dinner with him (Brittany was working a night shift so it was the opportune moment)! Miles asked her parents for their blessing to ask Brittany for her hand in marriage. Soon after, Brittany’s mom reached out to us to get information about our wedding packages and told me that Brittany did not know that she was about to get engaged. Brittany had been following Waverly Estate on Facebook for quite a while and Brittany’s mom knew that. I felt like I already knew Miles and Brittany. I was anxiously awaiting their engagement for the next two weeks and was so excited for them! One week after the engagement Brittany, Miles, and her parents visited the venue and knew right away that they were going to say “I Do” at Waverly Estate!

Miles purchased the ring the day before he went to dinner with her parents which was quite the process knowing how particular Brittany was about the design of the ring. We think he did a great job! Check out the ring picture below. Miles planned a trip to Carters Mountain and Brittany was still completely unaware about what was about to happen. Miles took a picture with Brittany on the top of the mountain overlooking Charlottesville. As Brittany walked away he grabbed her arm and said “hold on I’ve always wanted to take a picture like this,” and he got down on one knee. She couldn’t believe it! Of course, she said, “yes”!

Pictures by Sarah Elizabeth Photography

Check back to see pictures from their wedding this coming November!


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