Summer and Devlyn’s Engagement Session

Meet Summer and Devlyn!

This sweet couple will be saying “I Do” at Waverly Estate in just a little over 9 months!  Summer and Devlyn came out to take their engagement pictures recently and when she sent me the album there was no way I was going to be able to narrow it down to just a few of my favorites. Not only that but they also have the sweetest love story that I wanted to share with you all!

How The Met.

Devlyn and Summer met when they were young and dated through most of elementary school. Summer puts the word “dated” in quotations, but hey, dating in elementary school seemed to leave a lasting impression on them both, so I think it deserves more credit than that! 🙂

When Summer and Devlyn went to different schools after elementary school they lost contact with each other. One summer when she came home from college, Devlyn’s mom suggested that he try to reach out to her. So, he listened to his momma and found her phone number and texted her asking if she wanted to hang out. Summer went over to Devlyn’s house, and when she arrived, Devlyn walked out onto the porch and both of the them say that moment was love at first site. That same night, while they were sitting on the couch watching TV, Devlyn looked at Summer and said “This Is It” and Summer said “I know.” They both say that night was the night they knew they had found the one they would spend the rest of their lives with. Seriously, isn’t this just the cutest?! After not seeing each other since elementary school, it just took one look!

The Proposal.

After a little over a year, Devlyn decided it was time to propose. He had been planning for months with Summer’s parents and his mom to propose by getting Summer her favorite dog (a pug) and putting a collar with a tag on it. They couldn’t find a pug for the proposal and Devlyn was just ready. So, one night when Summer was helping Devlyn work on his truck, he asked her to grab a receipt out of his tool bag in his truck because he needed to see the instructions that were on the back for what they were working on. Without Summer knowing, Devlyn had followed her over there and when she looked at the back of the receipt it said ” Will you marry me?” When she turned around, Devlyn was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. He was so nervous and shaking until he heard Summer say “yes!” He apologized to Summer multiple times after he proposed because he wanted to be able to propose with a grand gesture like he had originally planned, but he said he couldn’t wait any longer and just wanted to ask her. Summer told him that it didn’t matter to her; she was surprised by the proposal and was just excited to be able to marry him. The AutoZone receipt is now in a frame!

Enjoy these beautiful pictures by Kay De Lane Photography