Claudia and Cory’s St. Patrick’s Day wedding was one that we will never forget. I can’t say I had been looking forward to this wedding for years, months, or even weeks.  In just one short week, Karla Crisp with Petals and Lace events decided that Claudia and Cory deserved more than to get married at the courthouse and boy was she right! Between the few vendors involved, something really special came together. I truly think that when you have the right wedding vendors in your court a lot of talent and love can really shine through.

Claudia and Cory met through some mutual friends. They went on several casual dates together to Innsbrook concerts and they hit it off right away; however, they were scared to admit it because they had both just recently gotten out of other serious relationships. They pushed each other away out of fear.  After not speaking for about a month, Cory called Claudia and asked if she would go out to dinner with him. She accepted his dinner invite after thinking to herself “who doesn’t love free food?” That night at Kickback Jacks was the night that Claudia knew for certain Cory was the man she was going to spend eternity with. After that night they became inseparable.

In November, Cory proposed to Claudia with a puppy!

Oh, you want details….sorry, we thought puppy was enough detail!

Claudia went to daycare to pick up her daughter and when she walked in, her daughter was holding a puppy. Talk about confusing! Her daughter, Kendall, told her to read the tag on the collar. When Claudia turned around, Cory was on one knee asking her to be his wife.

Ok, kudos Cory. That story deserves all of the heart eyes we can give him!

Claudia and Cory’s love for one another was apparent from the moment they walked in our front door. They were so confident and excited to say their vows in just a few hours. I have never witnessed a couple more relaxed on their big day. They separated that morning to get ready for the ceremony knowing that they wouldn’t see each other again until Claudia was walking down the isle. Claudia spent the morning in the bridal suite with her closest friends, family, and her sweet daughter, Kendall. While Claudia was relaxing upstairs listening to her favorite country tunes, Cory was caught in the Parlor room with just a pen and a notebook. He was contemplating how to put his thoughts into written words to make his vows to his soon-to-be wife unforgettable.

Cory, Kendall, and Claudia walked into the parlor room which was filled with their closest family and friends who had gathered to celebrate the couple’s vows to one another. They stood in front of the historic fireplace decorated with magnolia and carnations. The royal blue room with touches of green and white made a beautiful combination for their St. Patrick’s Day theme. Myself and the other teary eyes during the ceremony can tell you that their vows were nothing less than unforgettable.

Claudia and Cory, we are so glad to have been a part of your big day and to witness the start of such a great love. We are so happy for you and all of the adventures that life will bring you. We hope that this is just the start to your new adventure and that it just gets better every single day. Cheers (with a green beer) to many more years of happiness and love!

We must say, thank goodness for Kickback Jacks because seeing a love like yours is the reason why we are so passionate about what we do!

Photographer: Verlee Bishop Photography

Coordinator: Petals and Lace Events

Stationary: Icandothatevents


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