The Reason Behind Waverly

So…no…the historic name of the house was not Waverly Estate…we made it up. OOPS! But, here’s why:

So, before we even got the house I started working on creating a logo and website. I guess I was pretty confident that we were going to get the house or at least I knew in my heart that nothing was going to get between me and getting the house. So, what were we going to call it?

The house was originally built in 1838 so you would think there would have been a ton of amazing history known about the house but that was not the case. All that we knew (or were told at the time) was that the person who originally built the house was the Lunenburg County Judge but nobody knew if the house had a name back in the day! So, we were stuck with needing to name our new business ASAP so we could get the logo and website done and start advertising. My husband and I tossed around a few names but we kept coming back to Waverly. Waverly is actually a family name from my husband, Collin’s side of the family. It was his great grandfathers name and it has been passed down through the family. Waverly is Collin’s middle name and it is also our niece’s middle name. So, we settled on Waverly Estate and we haven’t looked back since!

Once we got in the house, we quickly came to know all of the wonderful people with the Lunenburg Historic Society who are absolutely fantastic at researching and digging to find historic information! The historic society asked if they could do their annual Christmas house at the estate. I said “of course…but we don’t know any of the history on this house…” They told me not to worry about that and I trusted them. They really amazed us with what they found and how they presented it. We have a book written by the amazing June Evans in each of our guests rooms now!

I have never been the girl that aced my history tests and by no means did I get excited about going to history class, but finding out the history on the house we have made our business was so exciting especially when we found out that is had a tie to somewhere we grew up going to in Richmond, VA and also a stunning place in Charlottesville, VA! The pictures below are a little hint. Do you know these places?

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog with the historic information on the Estate!


  1. Vanessa Martin says:

    Thanks for sharing the history of finding just the right name for this beautiful place. I have lived here in Lunenburg most of my life. I have always admired your beautiful estate, that you are blessed to call your home! I keep hoping that someone I know will have an event of some sort at The Waverly Estate but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet!!! I still have my fingers crossed!!!


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