One thing we’ve heard too much…”But, you’re so young to own a business like this”

I hope this post helps answer the why and how’s behind our reasoning to open Waverly Estate and the reason behind the name “Waverly” will be in a post to follow!

Let me start with some frequently asked questions:

  1. Did you acquire this property from family?
    1. Nope! A LOT of hard work, faith, passion, and perseverance led us to this property and everything just fell into place perfectly making this feel like it was the only right decision.
  1. You are so young, how were you able to do this?
    1. I’ll refer you to question number one….but in addition to that, I must say it is a lot of hard work, but I am passionate about it so the work we have put into it has all been worth it. Plus, thank goodness we did this while we were young. I cant even imagine doing everything we have done at an older age, we need ALL the energy we can get!
  1. How did you know about this place?
    1. We are not from Lunenburg. As the “Lunenburgers” would say, we are “come here’s” haha. Most people have no idea where in the world Lunenburg is and neither did I when I first saw the house. So, I used to play around on the realtor app all the time and dream about all of these beautiful homes that could easily be a wedding venue (if I could win the lottery). Then I came across what is now Waverly Estate. My first thought was, “there has to be something wrong with it, how are we able to afford this,” my second thought was “we have to go see this house in person!” These next three pictures are from the original ad I saw on the realtor app.


So, I think the very next day we were on the phone with a realtor planning a time to go see the house. When we went out to see the home we were in shock. It was in amazing shape and we could see so much potential! It was just a residential home at the time so my imagination ran wild with ideas of what we could do. The craziest part….we didn’t even know about the church on site! We asked the realtor…”whats the building over there” and she said “oh, thats just an old church”…..”umm…what?!” Now, the church was not in the best of condition but I could see the great potential and at that point I was SOLD…..but still very skeptical.

SIDE NOTE****Now, I tell a lot of our brides this when I am showing them around the property, but the reason that little church meant so much to me is simple. Lets go back in time to my very own wedding day, set on a beautiful property with a gorgeous outdoor ceremony spot with the mountains in the background…then it rained….poured…hurricane Joaquin was no joke. So, the beautiful October weather we’d hoped for ended up being 40 degrees and raining ALL WEEKEND. So, a few days before the wedding we drove around to some local churches to see if we could get married there that Saturday. We found a cute little church a mile down the street…no it wasn’t my dream venue but it was better than having our ceremony on the dance-floor in the reception building. So, we mass texted our guests and told them change of plans…yes, 3 days before the wedding. It all went smooth and hey, we like to think if rain on your wedding day is good luck then we were blessed with A LOT of good luck. So, now just imagine if that were your wedding day. If you were getting married at Waverly Estate and your plan A was an outdoor ceremony but it was calling for rain, you are golden and you have a FANTASTIC plan B (which by the way is included in every single one of our wedding packages because peace of mind is key)!****

Next, we decided we would go for it; but, we had just not too long before purchased a house in Chesterfield so we had to get that listed and sold before we could do anything. It was quite the process and so nerve wrecking. We felt like we were racing the clock to sell our Chesterfield house to make sure we didn’t loose Waverly Estate!

The Chesterfield house sold, we moved out to Lunenburg in May 2016, and we went full force forward to get the new place setup and ready to be a wedding venue and bed and breakfast! By the end of 2016 we had some images from a styled shoot to use, no tent, no tables, no chairs, etc. but we started advertising!


Fast forward to today, and we’ve had over 20 brides and grooms choose to say “I Do” with us, many weekends booked with Bed and Breakfast Guests, and all sorts of other events scattered throughout the year as well. Oh! and we now own our own tent, tables, chairs, dance floor, a RENOVATED church, etc! 😉 Im just sayin’….I don’t think age is a factor when you put your heart and soul into something!




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